Short Code

Short Code.

Short codes (also known as short numbers) are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers, that can be used to address SMS messages. They are far easier for customers to remember hence are widely used. Short Code is of two type, namely; Shared Short Code and Dedicated Short Code.

What do we offer you:

  • We allow you to receive SMS messages online from your customers and prospects using a combination of keywords.
  • The received text messages are stored in your inbox and you can easily respond to and manage them using the tool we give to you.
  • Messages can be scheduled to be sent after a specific period of time – offering flexibility.
  • Use auto-replies to let customers know you are dealing with their enquiry.
  • Easy, low-cost way for customers and prospects to contact you instantly.

Business Advantages

  • Easily store contact numbers coming into inboxes - export and add to contact groups.
  • Receive SMS replies to marketing and other communications for FREE.
  • Use short codes for easy recall & familiarity.
  • Get more response from customers.