Telecom Postpaid


Postpaid Vs Prepaid - A debate which has been going on for years now. We at TelecomAssist believe that each is good in its own right. Postpaid connections are generally sought after by professionals and companies. Postpaid refers to payment after use. Companies can use the services of the mobile network and then he is charged at the end of the month or the billing cycle.

What do we offer you:

There are different plans floated by different companies in the market. Companies see a large number of options with respect to the Telecom Operators and their varied plans. We jump into the picture here as your Consultant. We understand your company's needs and suggest the plans we strongly believe would be apt to meet your needs.

Business Advantages

  • Varied plans to choose from.Varied plans to choose from.
  • Employees receive Sim cards from companies thereby taking away the burden of bearing the costs off their shoulders.
  • Detailed billing offered.
  • Unlimited credit limits* are assigned.
  • Special Corporate plans are offered.